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Here is where I post all the art I make and the pictures I take. You will find a gallery with every picture that I post online, a project blog covering the progress of whatever I’m working on, and a personal blog to document day-to-day things.

About Me

I am called BDKamerra; my private name I wish to keep to myself. I am an art hobbyist somewhere in southern Indiana and somewhere in my late 20’s. A forever alone, weird, warehouse wagie. Outside of art I enjoy cooking, gardening and aquaponics, writing, worldbuilding, consuming music and podcasts, and caring for my dog. Occasionally when I’m feeling cooped up, I’ll take a wander around nature preserves and local events. Despite all the stupid nonsense I speak and opinions I may spew, I’m pretty boring.

As for the content of the art I create, it is all over the place. Some of it is flavor of the moment and random, some of it may be related to whatever project I may be actively working on, and some might be commissioned stuff. Traditional art, digital art, pixel art, landscape and nature, character design, furry-themed art, fantasy-themed art, anime and manga-style art, paintings, sketches, studies, doodles…

Latest from the Blogs

My plants are dead.

Got home from work today to discover my landlord has killed my potted plants. He had the landscapers spray some stuff on the overgrown mint, and it contaminated my plants. I don’t know what he had sprayed; but the mint looks burnt, and touching around the area causes a tingly, irritating sensation on my hands…. Continue Reading →


I wasn’t able to get much art done other than a few sketches. In fact, I wasn’t able to get much done overall, hobby-wise. This week has been unusually stressful and busy. A storm rolled through work, putting us behind after it knocked out the power. Some goober in maintenance forgot to inspect and refill… Continue Reading →

Watercolor Harpy

I had a few WIPs for this, but I only had taken them with my phone rather than scanner. They are pretty low quality, so I opted not to post them. I got the lineart below however.