Art Hobbyist, Typo Queen, Overworked Weirdo, NGMI

Here is where I post all the art I make and the pictures I take. You will find a gallery with every picture that I post online, a project blog covering the progress of whatever I’m working on, and a personal blog to document day-to-day things.

About Me

I am called BDKamerra; my private name I wish to keep to myself. I am an art hobbyist somewhere in southern Indiana and somewhere in my late 20’s. A forever alone, weird, warehouse wagie. Outside of art I enjoy cooking, gardening and aquaponics, writing, worldbuilding, consuming music and podcasts, and caring for my dog. Occasionally when I’m feeling cooped up, I’ll take a wander around nature preserves and local events. Despite all the stupid nonsense I speak and opinions I may spew, I’m pretty boring.

As for the content of the art I create, it is all over the place. Some of it is flavor of the moment and random, some of it may be related to whatever project I may be actively working on, and some might be commissioned stuff. Traditional art, digital art, pixel art, landscape and nature, character design, furry-themed art, fantasy-themed art, anime and manga-style art, paintings, sketches, studies, doodles…

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