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Making Some Adjustments

Overall I have been making some adjustments to previous posts, and some other things on the my end of the site. If you receive any unusual notifications, such as reposts of previously posted content, just ignore them.

As an update, I wasn’t able to do all of Smaugust as I wanted. With job hunting and other life things getting in the way I didn’t have nearly as much time as I thought I would. All of the other dragons I had started remain either unfinished or in a start to which for the moment I’d rather not post. I may tweak them and post them later in the future. I may also post older artwork that I have made, so if you are spammed with notifications in regards to these, please don’t mind too much.

In my home I am moving around things and adjusting my setup. I am looking at scanners and other equipment for the future, but in the current moment I am adjusting my setup so that all photos I take of my art are somewhat consistent in lighting and focus. There is also a list being made of general improvements I can make and things I should get to smooth things out overall. If and when money is good again I intend to update my whole “battle station”, my computer desk and art work area.

For the future I am intending to have my website and my SubscribeStar accounts act as my main focus, while using my other social media mostly as backup. I’ll still be approachable and interactable on those, but they will be lower priority. Once a week minimum I’ll be posting a art piece, and a life update blog here. I had thought about sometime in the future doing videos or streaming, but I don’t have a setup reasonable enough for it yet. I may also open up commissions soon, depending upon how my job situation pans out.

The next month or so as changes come things may be spotty, but do know I am trying my best with what time I have on hand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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