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WIP: Furry Sketch

Clean Sketch – WIP

Doing a bit of furry art. I find the furry community questionable at times, but I do like making furry artwork. I’ll be posting a clean-up sketch, line art, flats if colored, shading, and so forth. I’m still planning out a posting schedule which may end up changing, but I’m thinking a finished art piece and its corresponding WIPs on Monday, a project post on Fridays, and a life blog whatever random day of the week I feel is fitting.

I am debating on posting the finished art with it’s WIPs attached in one post, or to post all progress shots consecutively over a course of days. I feel that posting one post with the finished art and the WIPs attached would be easier to manage and would look cleaner long-term, but posting consecutively would ensure new content over the week. It would be tricky doing something similar with the SubscribeStar account. I will be trying one of both, and go from there.

Sometime soon I’ll be updating the gallery with some older stuff that I have done. I’m thinking of taking fresh pictures of them before I do that, maybe. Still adjusting things at home. Next WIP should have a bit more focus and lighting.

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