I wasn’t able to get much art done other than a few sketches. In fact, I wasn’t able to get much done overall, hobby-wise.

This week has been unusually stressful and busy. A storm rolled through work, putting us behind after it knocked out the power. Some goober in maintenance forgot to inspect and refill the emergency generators, so with a total power loss we had to do a full reboot and restart. It seems everyone wanted to take off this week as well, so it was even more stressful. I too had also taken a day off work in the middle week, but it was for interviews rather than relaxation. The interviews seemed promising, and there is one in particular that I am hoping for. The hours are longer, but I would be getting more days off. It is a lot closer than the place I am working currently, and with all my excess cash going into the gas tank the shorter drive would allow me to save money. I’m trying to keep my hopes from getting too high.

My weekend is going by fast so far; half of it has been wasted on plans that have fallen through, while the other half has been me dealing with my dad and his problems. The man has things so easy, and yet is so ungrateful. It’s as annoying as it is embarrassing. It puts me in too sour of a mood to even focus on artwork. I was able to get a few sketches done but they art sloppy trash.

The only joy I have had so far this week has been the small moments in which I have had time to tend to my pets and my plants. The lillies shown above have come into bloom quite nicely under my care. I have learned a lot on preservation of food; I wonder if there are way to preserve flowers other than drying. Drying keeps their fragrance, but often destroys their beauty.

This is the first pepper of the summer, and is now big enough to be photographed. I have notice some other flowers on my Thai chili here have closed, with small pepper bumps starting to form. It’s a bit late in the season and the plant although growing quickly is still small, I should have enough of a harvest to work with. The biquinho is far to late, so I’ll probably bring it’s pot in over winter and prepare earlier next year.

You should be seeing more art next week, I assure you all.

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