My plants are dead.

Got home from work today to discover my landlord has killed my potted plants. He had the landscapers spray some stuff on the overgrown mint, and it contaminated my plants. I don’t know what he had sprayed; but the mint looks burnt, and touching around the area causes a tingly, irritating sensation on my hands.

Some of my plants were ‘burnt’, and are wilting badly. Others are just wilting. Given that I don’t know what was sprayed by them I don’t think they are safe to use even if they do survive.

Normally he has the landscapers butcher the mint with a weed wacker when they get too overgrown. Don’t know why they did this in this way this time. I am probably going to have to start all over again. Don’t even know if the potting dirt is safe, or if I should dump it.

My heart is broken. Its a small matter, but I am very upset.

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