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This is where you can find a catalogue of all my blogposts. You can use the menu above to narrow it to the major topics: The Project Blog, The WIP Blog, and My Personal Blog.

  • The Project Blog is where I post any project related updates, content, and project WIPs. I usually have one major, long-term project that I am chipping away at, and might have a smaller project that I work on occasionally.
  • The WIP Blog is where I post most art-related progress. This includes general updates, work-in-progress images, unfinished art, rough sketches and line art, and things of that nature. This is namely artwork not involved in major projects.
  • The Personal Blog is for life updates and day-to-day things. Personal events and news, opinions and stupid questions, non-creative hobbies, and other miscellaneous updates.

WIP: Fairy Creature

Taking a small break from the 10 Furries to test some markers I found while digging around in storage. Using an old doodle that I resketched and inked.

Finished: Mantis Furry!

He is finished! Going to be doing some updates with the site at the start of the month. Site might be unavailable for a few hours.

Finished: Weasel Furry!

Not going to lie, I was very rushed. Found a job; but not only do I dislike the job and the company itself, the schedule is really difficult. As a result I’ve been more focused on monkey-branching to something else as quickly as possible. No WIPs with this one, and I am rather disappointed overall.… Continue reading Finished: Weasel Furry!

Finished: Snake Furry

Trying a post with all the WIPs attached. I think I will do it as I did before with each WIP having a post. Now that I have done both, I like the previous one more. However, I am thinking of having my art main, finished art posts on Monday. Project posts will be on… Continue reading Finished: Snake Furry

Finished: Furry Dog Character!

I have finished this guy. I need to keep practicing with markers overall, but I’m pretty satisfied with how the picture turned out. I usually shade first then add flat colors, but next time I’m going to do the flats first to see if the shading will be a lot cleaner.

WIP: Furry Line Art

I’m thinking markers. I got some cheap watercolor markers I want to try out. Shading is next.

WIP: Furry Sketch

Doing a bit of furry art. I find the furry community questionable at times, but I do like making furry artwork. I’ll be posting a clean-up sketch, line art, flats if colored, shading, and so forth. I’m still planning out a posting schedule which may end up changing, but I’m thinking a finished art piece… Continue reading WIP: Furry Sketch

Making Some Adjustments

Overall I have been making some adjustments to previous posts, and some other things on the my end of the site. If you receive any unusual notifications, such as reposts of previously posted content, just ignore them. As an update, I wasn’t able to do all of Smaugust as I wanted. With job hunting and… Continue reading Making Some Adjustments