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Finished: Weasel Furry!


Not going to lie, I was very rushed. Found a job; but not only do I dislike the job and the company itself, the schedule is really difficult. As a result I’ve been more focused on monkey-branching to something else as quickly as possible. No WIPs with this one, and I am rather disappointed overall. Next week should be better.

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Finished: Snake Furry


Trying a post with all the WIPs attached. I think I will do it as I did before with each WIP having a post. Now that I have done both, I like the previous one more. However, I am thinking of having my art main, finished art posts on Monday. Project posts will be on Fridays instead. I’ll be starting a project either next month or so.

Cell Shaded – WIP
Line Art – WIP
Rough Sketch – WIP
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Finished: Furry Dog Character!


I have finished this guy. I need to keep practicing with markers overall, but I’m pretty satisfied with how the picture turned out. I usually shade first then add flat colors, but next time I’m going to do the flats first to see if the shading will be a lot cleaner.

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Smaugust Art Challenge 2021!

BDKamerra’s Smaugust Prompt

I have decided to do the Smaugust Art Challenge this year. The Smaugust art challenge is a yearly art challenge, happening in August, were one draws a dragon everyday for the full month. Many people join each year. Some use prompts, some go at it freely. I will be doing a few. Each dragon I will be posting post will be pencil-drawn, just line art, and might include a small character description.

This is the prompt I had made for myself. It is free for anyone to use for the purpose of completing the challenge. If anyone would like to repost it, permission is granted on the terms that credit is given (Made by BDKamerra + a URL link) and the image itself is not in any form monetized.