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Finished: Snake Furry


Trying a post with all the WIPs attached. I think I will do it as I did before with each WIP having a post. Now that I have done both, I like the previous one more. However, I am thinking of having my art main, finished art posts on Monday. Project posts will be on Fridays instead. I’ll be starting a project either next month or so.

Cell Shaded – WIP
Line Art – WIP
Rough Sketch – WIP
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Smaugust Art Challenge: Day 6

(6/8) – The Ugly Dragon

August 6th, 2021 – The Ugly Dragon

I had fallen a little behind due to jobhunting and other stuff. I had started each one each day, and have been working to finish them. I had questioned whether or not to double-post all until I had caught up to the day, or just post as I see fit since this challenge is mostly for fun. I will double-post some days, and single-post on others.